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Village bloom staff and children will practice active listening, understanding different perspectives, validation, conflict resolution, compassion, and language that will build empathy towards our personal feelings/needs and the feelings/needs of others around us. Our community will model positive, helpful, and respectful language for communication.


Village Bloom staff agrees that the co-creation of a child’s education should be emergent and evolving, hands on discovery, developmentally appropriate, vocabulary rich, support fundamental skills development, and provide a sense of self efficacy. We will scaffold academic learning, social emotional skills/self awareness, independence and provide opportunities for the child to build a relationship with the world around them. 


We enjoy creating warm, welcoming, safe, magical, and child centric spaces tailored to meet the child’s age and development while also inspired by the Reggio Emilia inspiration that emphasizes the classroom as the “third teacher.” Children will be greeted with an atmosphere that is inclusive, fluid, provides negative space, and cohesive. It will act as their blank canvas in which they can create. 


Our campus will provide a space where children are comfortable to express their needs, wants, and feelings. Expression will be authentic, safe, non-judgmental, open, accepting and will be evident in the child’s “100 Languages.” We will foster interest and talents, use various modalities, and be mentors for positive expression and interactions with others. 


We will be mindful, intentional, and inspire curiosity, questions, learning the unknown and encourage experimentation through open-ended, child-led provocations. 

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