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Parent Testimonials

Dear amazing educators, 

Last night at dinner, big brother had some big emotions and was very frustrated. I started talking to him about emotions in your body and how to navigate them. Max very calmly started sharing what he's learning in school... he put his hands in two fists together to make them look like a brain. Then he said, "This side is rock brain". He smashed that fist on the table and showed how hard and inflexible it was. Then he picked up his other fist and started moving it back and forth and said, "This is rainbow brain and it flexes. You can flex this side and it's flexible thinking. You can use this side to calm yourself down." He said, you can take a breath, you can count on your fingers."


Two nights ago, I was exasperated during bedtime routine, losing my patience as my boys were all wound up and not getting their pj's on brushing their teeth, etc. Max stood in front of me, and with the sweetest and kindest little face, he said, "Take a breath Mommy."  I said, "You're right. Thanks for the reminder, buddy."


Thank you so much for the tools you have given my son. Our family is a work in progress. We are all trying, and falling down, and learning and growing together.


Love, Rachel (mom of Max)

“Village Bloom has been a magical experience for our family. The environment is warm, nurturing and captivating. The outside area has endless places for the children to explore including the fairy garden, mud kitchen, playground, quiet sandbox and farm animals. It’s quite endearing to be greeted by bunnies and pigs every morning. The teachers are welcoming and loving. Their child center approach is nothing short of amazing. They are at the child’s level on the ground to welcome them into the classroom everyday. My children have been given space to be independent, share their ideas and ultimately become confident individuals. The teachers help resolve conflict and teach the children empathy all at the same time. It truly is inspiring to see. Village Bloom provides children a space to get messy, have fun and learn to care about others. They have also created a community for our family to meet other like minded parents and children. We feel so fortunate to have such a special place for our children to experience ’school’ for the first time.”

Colleen, mom of Maddie (2)

“We left a school we loved for our first two kids because we thought the Village Bloom philosophy was better suited for our youngest son. While, it was a difficult decision, we are convinced every day that it was the right one. We were hesitant before we toured because there was no history, but as soon as I met Pauline, Alison and Patti I knew I had found our new school. From the beautiful campus, to the wonderful community of people and the warmth of the teachers, you will not find a better preschool. Our son is happy to go to school and wants to stay when I pick him up. We are so thankful we found this gem!”

Amanda, mom of Bo (3)

“Village Bloom is a gem and we feel so lucky to have our son in such a special place. Every member of the staff is dedicated and warm, the grounds and classroom are like a wonderland for pre-school age kiddos. And who doesn’t love the little garden and farm animals? We couldn’t be more delighted by the community of parents and are so happy to be part of Village Bloom.”

Dawn and Brian, parents of Brin (4)

“What a magical place to bring my kids each day! The team at Village Bloom has created a beautiful environment for kids to learn about and care for animals and the outdoors, and provide kindergarten readiness in the classroom as well. As an educator myself, I know how crucial teachers are to learning and development. The teachers at Village Bloom are experienced and care deeply about our kids. Both my kids come home excited to tell me about each day. The classrooms are meticulously kept and full of new provocations to explore daily. All the teachers are in consistent contact with parents, and take the time to provide nightly updates about what kids learned so parents can continue the conversation at home. I can’t imagine a better, more loving environment to entrust my kids.”

Gina, mom of Stella (4) and Dom (2)

“Village Bloom is the magical preschool we had been searching for our daughters to attend!

When you drive in, the serenity begins with white farmhouse fences, a playful outdoor setting, a garden and animals to amplify the modern farmhouse ambiance. The teachers happily greet you every morning and help tremendously with the transition. And they even offer valet drop off!


The program is thoughtful, thorough and evolving. Each space is meticulously set up to learn, play and get messy! The educators are phenomenal, caring, creative and responsive. The daily messages we receive about what the children have learned that day is so helpful and allows us to continue the lessons at home. 


Our family will be forever grateful for the richness and love our daughters get every day and to be a part of this Village.”


Brooke, mom of Arrington (6) and Irelynn (3)

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