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PreK Program 

Our Prek program is dedicated to meet the needs of each individual child, focused on building a strong Social Emotional Learning (SEL) foundation through weekly class meetings, aware of the leap that is made in Kindergarten and prepares children to feel efficacy and confidence, is play based and inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy which highlights expression through a child's 100 Languages, and committed to bridging home and school in an effort to form relationships with families that will insure healthy and happy growth and development.

Village Bloom has received amazing feedback from local schools regarding children that have entered their programs ready for success in their first year of there formal educational journey. In our PreK classroom children will work with the educational guidance of "Handwriting Without Tears" to move through the initial stages of letter recognition, fine motor skills and letter formation, and letter sounds. Mathematic awareness is accomplished through classroom provocations that encourage children to recognize numbers, practice one to one correspondence, create patterns and gain an interest in how numbers impact our daily lives. This practice is one component of our holistic approach to a child being "ready" for Kindergarten. 

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