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Our Mission
Our Story

Our Story...

Our Story

We are a collaborative team of parents and educators who wish to support children in their early development. Research tells us a child’s character is formed by the time they are seven years old. Therefore, we believe the most critical time in a child’s life is the early education years. It is also a huge time for brain development, motor development and growth. We absolutely love children and have the patience it takes to support toddlers and preschoolers through this rapid growth period. Additionally, we believe in parent education and circling the child together with the parent. Our teachers will support your family through your highest highs and your lowest lows in your parenting journey. We believe life is an adventure! It has been an adventure creating Village Bloom Child Development Center and we are thrilled to meet you and your child!


Our Philosophy

Village Bloom is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool. Children are supported with empathy, kindness, and respect.  This philosophy allows for

interpersonal connectedness to happen

between teacher-child, child-child, parent-teacher. In our view, it's holistic, gentle and natural. 

Our Philosophy

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